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Adjustable Kid Swing Chair


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About this product

  • This rope swing seat is popular among children, and it’s simple to set up a children’s exclusive park at any time. In addition, this rope swing set is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use, such as in the backyard, garden, playground, park, or porch, and is a great DIY swing seat.
  • The swing seat is hand-knitted from polyester climbing rope, making it more comfortable and breathable, as well as sturdy for years of use.
  • This swing seat’s unusual material provides a powerful pulling force and endurance; it’s also lightweight, so you can take it outside to enjoy the fun. It’s also simple to connect to a tree or swing set.
  • The rope swing set comes with two-way connecting rings, allowing you to modify the rope length from 106cm/41.73inch to 180cm/70.86inch according to your needs. The weight limit is 660lbs/300kg.
  • Swing chairs for kids that are sturdy enough for adults! The Heavy Duty Swing Seat is rated to hold up to 660 lbs. We recommend it for children weighing up to 150 pounds and aged 2 to 12 years old as a safety measure.
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