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Glass Planter Bulb Vases Hydroponic Plant Terrarium with Wood & Metal Swivel Stand


This three-beaker vase with wooden stand, which combines vintage glitz with eclectic charm, makes the ideal planter for a range of plants and decors. On a black iron rod that is held securely in place by a rustic wooden support, three spherical planters in the shape of bulbs dangle delicately. Each hydroponic vase can house a variety of succulent and air plants and is it easily swivels. Use this planter to bring a splash of green and style to any windowsill, tabletop, desktop, or shelf.

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  • TEST TUBE VASE: This industrial-inspired accent is made of glass, iron, and rustic wood and is ideal for any kind of décor.
  • PLANT PROPAGATION STATION – Three hydroponic hanging glass containers provide the ideal setting for displaying live plants, flowers, and other ornaments.
  • HYDROPONICS GLASS VASE WITH WOODEN STAND: Each vase is held in place by a natural timber base and a black metal rod that adds longevity and support while allowing them to swing.
  • PLANT TERRARIUM WITH WOODED SUPPORT: Great for adding some greenery to narrow spaces like bookcases, desks, or tabletops
Weight 23.20 kg
Dimensions 70 × 64 × 45 cm


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